Enable Two-Factor authentication

Do you want to increase your inputhost account security? We recommend setting up Two-Factor authentication. You can use an authenticator app such as google authenticator or use email code verification. To enable Two-Factor authentication login to your inputhost account and ...

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Website design packages now available!

We are now offering full website design packages, these can be found in Services > View Available Addons. You will need to have an active hosting service to be able to order these addons. Would you rather save money and ...

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Unblock yourself

We have now implemented a new system to allow customers to unblock themselves from our firewall. If you are being blocked continuously by our firewall please unblock yourself and open a support ticket from your client area letting us know ...

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Client interface upgrade

We have been working hard on creating a better user experience for our inputhost customers. Today we launched our new modern interface for the client area. Our hope is that this provides a better user experience for our user with ...

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How can I get support from inputhost?

If you have a question or need support with anything to do with your domain name, website or hosting we are always here to help. We offer a 24/7 ticket system that you can use to get in touch with ...

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Choosing a wordPress theme for your business

The first thing you should do when deciding which WordPress theme to use on your website is make a list of options. Good wordpress themes meet the following standards: A good WordPress Theme is secure. Security is simply not up ...

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How can I disable a wordPress plugin via cPanel file manager?

Sometimes you will find that you cannot login to your wordpress website or your site not functioning as you had intended. More often than not this is caused by faulty wordpress plugins that have been installed. Most wordpress plugins are ...

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How can I reset my cPanel password?

There are 2 ways to reset your cPanel password. Method 1 Once logged in to your Inputhost client area, click on your services and then click on the service you would like to reset the cpanel password for. Under actions ...

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How can I access my cPanel?

There are 2 ways to access cPanel for your inputhost service. Method 1 1. Login to your inputhost account 2. In the main menu click on Services > My Services 3. Click on the services you would like to access ...

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How to get access to your htaccess file

1. Log into your cPanel account. Click here to see how to login to cPanel. 2. In the “Files” section, click on “File Manger” Icon. 3. cPanel File Manager will be open, select the appropriate domain name or folder location, ...

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Six red flags for spotting malicious email

1. The sender address isn’t correct. Check if this address matches the name of the sender and whether the domain of the company is correct. To see this, you have to make sure your email client displays the sender’s email ...

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Website upgrade packages now available

Is your website in need of an upgrade to get ready for 2021? We are now offering website upgrade packages, these can be found in Services > View Available Addons. You will need to already have an active hosting service ...

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Become an affiliate and start earning

Are you happy with the hosting and domain name services inputhost are providing you? We ae now offering all customers the ability to help spread the word about Inputhost. You can now earn a reoccuring ongoing commission for every customer ...

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SEO solutions ready to go!

Are you looking for SEO optimisation? Before you send off your website login details to a random person overseas and risk the reputation of your business and put your bank account at risk, consider using your hosting provider, you already ...

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Domain name pricing drop

We have slashed our new domain name pricing, try it out from the Register A New Domain box in your client area. We offer hundreds of different domain names at the best prices. Why not mix it up with a ...

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The dangers of cheap SEO

When it comes to your business growth, you might think that any way to save money is a good thing. However, sometimes the ways you save money can end up costing you more than you think. In terms of SEO, ...

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Covid-19 update

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared on the 30th January, we have been carefully observing how the situation has developed across the globe. Our priority is to ensure a high-quality operational service, which is essential for your activity – both ...

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Welcome to inputhost

Who are we? inputhost is a privately owned web hosting company based in Australia. We have users from every state and territory in Australia. Our Australian based hosting servers allow us to create a centralised, fast, reliable, scalable and secure ...

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