AccelerateWP is a suite of advanced WordPress performance optimisation features that can instantly boost the speed of underperforming websites with just a single click.

Unlike other plugins that make similar claims, AccelerateWP uses unique signals that go beyond the standard capabilities of a plugin.

This is made possible by the fact that the company behind AccelerateWP is also the developer of CloudLinux OS, HardenedPHP, and other industry-leading tools.

As a result, AccelerateWP has access to your hosting account’s key performance data, allowing it to accurately diagnose and address performance issues. This data-driven approach ensures that your WordPress sites are supercharged for optimal performance.

How will AccelerateWP Premium improve my WordPress website?

AccelerateWP Premium will significantly enhance the performance of your WordPress website by leveraging advanced optimisation techniques and utilising unique signals that go beyond the capabilities of standard plugins.

With a single click, you can boost your website’s speed, improve user experience, and increase conversions. Additionally, AccelerateWP Premium can help you:

  • Optimise website and database performance
  • Minify and compress files for faster loading
  • Implement caching for frequently accessed data
  • Enable browser caching for faster page loads
  • Implement lazy loading for non-critical assets
  • Optimise images and graphics for faster loading
  • Monitor performance and receive alerts for potential issues

By using AccelerateWP Premium, you can ensure that your WordPress website is running at its best, providing a seamless user experience and maximizing your online presence.

How do I get started with AccelerateWP Premium?

To upgrade to AccelerateWP Premium, visit the Upgrade/Downgrade at your inputhost client area.

For new customers, select AccelerateWP settings during your order configuration.

Once the premium features are enabled, the system SmartAdvice will notify customers via cPanel.

Based on your specific website’s needs, the system will also notify you via the WordPress admin interface about premium solutions for website acceleration.

You can then click Apply in SmartAdvice to deploy the performance improvements.

If no premium subscription is found, you will be prompted to upgrade via a specified upgrade URL.

Once upgraded, the system will detect the subscription and full Premium features will be enabled for your WordPress website.

If you run into an issues, please open a support ticket.